Shuffleboard Rules

How to play: Players can play 1-1 or 2-2. Singles play until they reach 11 points, which is considered completing a “Frame.” You can play a certain amount of frames in a “Match.” Doubles play until they reach 21 points in a frame.

There are 3 scoring zones on the shuffleboard table. They are marked by a number and dividing line. If your puck stops in between score zones you count the point the puck is closer to. The team who goes the furthest with the puck is the one awarded the points. Each side alternates back and forth one puck at a time. If a team has multiple pucks of the same color ahead of the other team, they get all of the points. If the puck is in zone 3 but hanging off the side they get 4 points. No points will be awarded if your puck does not pass into the score zone or falls of the board.

A team can choose to shoot for points, nock an opponent’s pucks off the board, or block the other team from scoring by sliding the puck in the way.

Play time will be kept at 1 hour if there is a wait.

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