Hammer Center follows the below house rules:

Billiards*Don’t lay the cue across your shoulders and wrap your arms around it.
It will warp the cues.

*Don’t turn the chalk upside down on the rails.
Who wants all that gray chalk all over their shirt?

*Don’t set drinks or food on the table.
This is a no brainer.

*Don’t sit on the edge of the table to make a shot.
A balanced table enhances the game.

Every time we have to re-balance our table it costs us $75.

*Don’t Shark.
If what you are doing would distract you while shooting, it probably distracts other players too!

*Do not bang the pool cues on the ground.
It causes the wood to splinter up the pool cue.

*Do not stand behind the target pocket.
We’re not sure…this is just what the “rules” say.

*No horseplay, sword fighting, or running around the tables and throwing the balls.
This can cause damage to the equipment and is a safety hazard.

Remember, it costs us $75 every time we have to re-balance the pool table.

*When finished playing, return all equipment to where you got it.
This includes cues, chalk, balls, triangle and mechanical bridge.

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