Get ready, Hammer Friends, for a very exciting and busy week! This week hosts 2 major ORU social events: Homecoming and our Christmas lighting!!

Let’s take a look at all the great events taking place at YOUR Hammer Center this week!

Monday, Nov. 6th

9-10:30pm — Tonight the Chaplains will have their weekly Chaplain Family Meeting upstairs in the Fenimore Room.

Tuesday, Nov. 7th

5-6pmChaplain Carol hosts her weekly Deeper Woman’s Mentoring Meeting. All female ORU students are welcome to this time of discipleship, fellowship, teaching, and growth!

Thursday, Nov. 9th

7-9pm — The annual ORU Christmas Lighting! Join Dr. and Mrs. Wilson outside in the Prayer Gardens for the reading of the Christmas Story and the first lighting of our beautiful Christmas lights in the gardens! This will be followed by a mug giveaway (perfect for hot chocolate!), sponsored by our Alumni Association inside the Hammer Center, and a screening of one of the best Christmas movies of all time, It’s A Wonderful Life on our big screen TV! Christmas comes early at ORU, and we are not complaining!!

Friday, Nov. 10th

Noon-2pm — ORU’s Graduate School of Theology and Ministry will be hosting their annual Theology Luncheon up in the Fenimore Room. Cost is $10, and you can find registration information here:

10-7pm — Alumni and others will be registering today for UNITE 2017, ORU’s annual Homecoming event in the Living Room space on the first floor of the Hammer Center. Be sure to pre-register online at:

Saturday, Nov. 11th

Noon-1:30pm — There will be a Men’s Luncheon for gentlemen who are registered for UNITE 2017, ORU’s Homecoming program. The lunch will be held upstairs in the Fenimore Room.

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