Finals week is here! Students are moving out! And our graduates will be taking that celebratory walk across the stage in the Mabee Center this Sunday! So much is happening this week at ORU, and that includes here at the Hammer Center.

If you need some help moving out items from your dorm room, SA is offering ORU students moving cart rental for 2 hour increments! All you have to do is come to the Hammer Center Front Desk, show us your Eagle Card (you’ll get it back so you can get in and out of your dorm!), and give us some information, and the cart is yours for 2 hours. Just don’t lend it out to anyone else and make sure to bring it back in time, otherwise there is a $100 fine. The carts are first come, first served, so come on over once you get everything boxed up!

These are the special events taking place this week at YOUR Hammer Center!

Wednesday, May 2

Thursday, May 3

Friday, May 4

May God bless everyone as they take their finals and make summer and post-grad transitions! And to our new alumni, remember that we’re the Armand Hammer ALUMNI-Student Center, so we hope to see you again soon! (And you can finally enjoy the beautiful upstairs area when there isn’t an event going on!)

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