Now I know what you may be thinking, this may be the most shameless of posts as a plug for the importance of utilizing the Hammer Center. But let me assure you this post is gonna be way more than that. I want you to understand that recreation though it can be abused and used to procrastinate, does actually play an important role in your health and success as a student.

Here are some awesome facts:

• Your HPE professor is not lying! Participation in physical activity and recreation is a key determinant of health and is known to: help combat type two diabetes, heart disease and stroke, help prevent certain types of cancers, reduce chance of obesity and help reduce fall-related injuries and painful chronic conditions.

• Recreational activity can also foster social opportunities and contribute to mental stability by reducing stress, combatting depression and building emotional well-being. #youreallyneedthisone

• Recreation builds stronger communities by reducing negative, self-destructive behaviors.

• Recreation engages people and builds social unity, generating healthy, inclusive relationships. People feel an emotional connection to the places that bring them enjoyment, making our recreational exchanges truly a heart within our communities.
So all in all, use the Hammer Center as a place to have some fun and stay sane.

Signing Off,
The Hammer Post

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