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Meet the Staff

Rochelle Barnes – Building Manager

As a 2015 ORU grad, I am excited to serve the ORU community by making no little plans here at the Hammer Center. Creating an environment of “Food, Fun & Fellowship” is our intentional focus and passion.

Christopher Dart – Assistant Building Manager (weeknights)

I graduated from ORU with an M.Div. degree. Now I’m serving the students & alumni of ORU by ensuring that the Hammer Center is a place where they can come and be refreshed!

David Joseph – Assistant Building Manager (weekends)

I am a Finance Major in the M.B.A. FastTrack program here at ORU. The Hammer Center allows me to maintain and form new relationships and connect with the study body on campus.

Ramon Baez – Assistant Building Manager (weekends)

I am a grad student getting both an M.Div and M.A. in Missions degree. I love working at the Hammer Center because I have the opportunity to be around a variety of people and show them the love of Jesus.

Regina Morgan – Front Desk Supervisor

I am a wife, a mother of four children and a lover of puppies. I enjoy being a part of the Hammer Center morning staff and engaging with students.

Benjamin Kosanke – Front Desk Attendant

I am a Public Relations/Advertising major. I am also a guitarist for a metal band on campus and the President of the ORU Gaming Club. What I like about the Hammer Center is the opportunity to engage visitors in conversation.

Grace Cardoza – Front Desk Attendant

I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Pre-Med. I’m pretty busy, so working at the Hammer Center allows me the opportunity of interacting with my classmates!

Work Study Students

AJ Mallett – Front Desk Attendant

I’m AJ and I’m a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major. I look forward to meeting a ton of people I haven’t met yet at the Hammer Center this year!

Alina Gutierrez – Front Desk Attendant

I am a Translation/Interpreting major here at ORU. I most definitely enjoy working at the Hammer Center because I love meeting new people and interacting with others.

Brianna Brown – Front Desk Attendant

I am a student here at ORU, studying biology. I enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life and petting dogs!

Natalie Rhoads – Front Desk Attendant

I am currently studying International Community Development here at ORU. I enjoy working at the Hammer Center because it gives me the chance to interact with people I might have never connected with before.

Noah Clinkscales – Front Desk Attendant

I am majoring in Programming and minoring in Youth Ministry. I know all about current video games and I love working with my peers.

Olivia Stenzel – Front Desk Attendant

Hey! I’m Olivia Stenzel, currently a freshman majoring in Psychology! I love God and love people.

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