Our third and final stop on our Tulsan coffee house tour takes us to our beautiful downtown! Tulsa boasts a very pedestrian-friendly civic center, with beautiful architecture, cool stores, museums, and music venues to check out! Here are some great cafes to keep you fueled along the way.

SOBO District

SOBO stands for South of Boston, referring to Boston Avenue, just south of Hwy 75. Here, just south of downtown, you will find:

What we like about it: Like Fair Fellow, DoubleShot is a place for the coffee purist, not for a mocha frappa chillatta with soy. They roast their own beans twice a week, and offer brews using all of the most cutting-edge methods in a cool, modern environment that puts the focus on the bean.

Cathedral District

A few blocks north of SOBO, right along  historic Route 66, lies a favorite ORU spot:

What we like about it: Home to many ORU bro-sis wing events, Foolish Things offers a large, spacious environment with cool hipster accents, comfy leather couches, and some unique soda offerings, along with their great coffee. They also have a large patio to sit on when the weather is nice. Parking is on the eastern side/back.

Deco District

What we like about it: Topeca is the company that supplies many other coffee shops in town (and places as far away as NYC and LA!) with freshly-roasted beans, so why not go to the source? Their most popular location is adjacent to the historic and elegant Mayo Hotel downtown (115 W 5th St., #169). It’s a small place, so maybe not the best choice for a study session or coffee date, but get a cup to go and explore our beautiful downtown by foot!

Taking their inspiration from the British Mod subculture of the 1960’s, Mod’s needs to be another stop on your downtown tour. You will feel very European while you enjoy a French crepe (try the Nutella banana one) or homemade Italian gelato with your Espresso. Be sure to explore the adjoining historic lobby with its Tulsa Art Deco Museum display windows while you are there! Open ’till 10pm Tues. – Sat., but closed Sundays and only open for mornings on Mon.

Arena District

What we like about it: A very contemporary, large but still cozy spot with a HUGE tea selection, along with coffee, gourmet desserts, and sushi rolls! (Korean-owned, so you know it’s good…) You order at the front, and they will deliver your drinks to your table. They are about to double their electrical outlets to accommodate more laptops!

Favorite drinks: Their “blooming” teas, matcha tea latte, lemon or mocha Freddo, sweet potato latte

Who’s a fan: Lucy Dawson — “I have no idea what my favorite is as there are so many great things to choose from. Generally I ask them for something to go with my mood and the rest will be a surprise. I have always been excited to see what I get!”

Have fun exploring Tulsa, one cafe at a time!