Black History Month

Welcome back ORU! I am proud to be writing to you a month after you have come back! Isn’t it just a wonderful, chilly February! Among the holidays that we love to celebrate like Valentine’s Day, we have the honor of an entire month to remember and stand in awe of the great history, contributions, and triumphs of those who paved a path for diversity, unity, and equality being honored in these great states, deeming it Black History Month. Instead of going through a bunch of facts and stories, let’s see a few ways on how we can celebrate, stir conversation of our history, where we are now and how we can contribute.

– Visit the Greenwood Cultural Center to learn about the plight of the Tulsa Race Riots. Visit for more info.

– Create an informal forum to discuss the current state of our culture and how you can contribute to its betterment.

– Watch Black films, whether in your room, alcove, or off campus at a home away from home. Enjoy the dramas and comedies that pave the way for Black acting. Here are some suggestions:

• Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)
• Mahogany (1975)
• The Wiz (1978)
• The Color Purple (1985)
• Lean on Me (1989)
• Glory (1989)
• Malcolm X (1992)
• Antoine Fisher (2002)
• For Colored Girls (2010)
• Lee Daniel’s The Butler (2013)

Enjoy this amazing month full of testimonies of people that had a dream and didn’t make any excuses for risking it all to see them come true. Let this month inspire you to make no little plans here.

Signing Off,
The Hammer Post

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